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When you carefully avoid these 5 common errors and accept the suggestions offered for alternatives instead, your chances of success and your rewards received are going to be much better than they otherwise would.

Governmental Works. Generally, works done by the U.S. federal government offices and some state offices are in the public domain. Exceptions might be where a subcontractor of a publication retains the rights while giving use to it to the government entity. For those works in this category, you have unrestricted rights to their use. For example, a free governmental publication on warnings related to asbestos in houses built prior to 1974 has been copied verbatim by numerous sources and sold.

Using hot glue to secure your bolts, screws, nuts and other pieces of hardware is a great organizational method. When seeking one little piece of hardware, it can be problematic even with the best labeling system. Even the best labeling system can get confusing, so to make it easy use the above tip.

Koi needs oxygen and so does the bacteria in the biological filter. Dissolved oxygen level of 8 mg/liter in water temperature of about 25 deg C is almost ideal since it is almost at saturation point. I used a water Asbestos test to measure this. Note that plants (including algae) in the water also use oxygen at night. Plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen only in the day, during photosynthesis. Some form of aeration in your pond design is a must. Oxygen is absorbed by the water when it comes in contact with air. Any way to increase the interface area between the pond water and air would be good. This can be achieved through use of a waterfall, fountain, venturi pipe water return system or air pumps that create streams of bubbles in your ponds.

There are many different times when you should decide to do asbestos testing. If you live in a home that was built before 1980 it may not have been tested before. Finding out if you have asbestos in the area or not can give you peace of mind. You certainly don’t want to risk exposing your family to the harmful effects. You also don’t want to lie awake at night wondering if it is present or not.

Now, the Hildebrandts are content in their new home and free of debt, other than their mortgage. Russell has been able to quit his second job and spend more time with his family and catch up on sleep.

I am assuming that you have your aquarium ready in place and your heating and filtration equipment already purchased, but here are a few quick tips for your setup.